Thinking Green

We at SMART recognise that it is vital that all organisations and governments around the world start thinking environmentally. The world is changing the way we live and do business now is both a practical and moral obligation.

SMART is committed to actively doing our part in battling the climate crisis as well as being a green and sustainable partner to our customers. We have been streamlining our operations and building towards a more environmentally friendly way of doing business in the years to come. We hope that you will join us on this journey.


What we are doing

In 2021, SMART began reporting and reviewing our carbon footprint. This kickstarted our journey towards real positive change from within. We reviewed both our packaging and manufacturing processes.

Then in 2022, we announced our commitment to overhaul the packaging on all our products with what we called the Zero100 plan. This is a plan to remove all single-use plastics and make sure all our packaging is fully recyclable.


Where we are going

SMART has already started looking to the future. We are pleased with the steps that we have taken so far, and we are hard at work on our upcoming changes. However, we realise that it is not enough.

As we continue forward, we have a timeline of new initiatives and improvements planned. On our current path, by 2025, it is our aim to have our Zero100 plan in full effect, have improved our logistical efficiencies, and be well on our way to having achieved a fully electric fleet of vehicles.